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Almonds help relieve obesity

almonds help relieve obesity

A team of experts from the University of Florida, USA, recommends eating 40 grams of Almonds daily to every person. Who claims almonds help relieve obesity after years of research.
Researchers say that incorporating Almonds into a daily diet can prevent many medical problems because almonds provide protein while reducing calories in the body. Also, many problems of increasing age can avoid the use of almonds.

How to Roast almonds, click here

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How to roast almonds

how to roast almonds

If you love roasting almonds, How do you roast almonds? It is an easy and pretty straightforward and will it up to your cooking game with minimal effort. It can turn a boring snack into something far more exciting.

Almonds are healthy nuts that contain fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, and zinc. When these almonds are roasted, they are not only delicious but also good for your health.

From Cookies to Curried Couscous Salad, roasted almonds coax out nuanced flavors and delicious depth of flavor to crumbles, desserts and healthy snacks. Thankfully, It is not difficult to roast almonds, but there are a few different methods such as roast on the stove, in the oven, or even in the microwave. So, come on set your ovens to 350, and lets roast some almonds.

Method 1 Roasting Almonds in the Oven

Spread the almonds on an ungreased cookie sheet. They are in a single layer and not piled on top of each other. If you want to coat the almonds in olive oil, toss them in olive oil of your choice and spices directly on a baking sheet.

Topping Options for Roasted Almonds

  • Sweet: Sugar, Honey, cocoa powder, or cinnamon sugar.
  • Savoury: Sea salt, seasoned salt, garlic powder, barbecue sauce, or rosemary.
  • Spicy: Black pepper, Hot sauce, Chili powder, buffalo sauce, or sriracha.

Place the almonds in the oven and set the oven to 350 F.

Cook almonds for approximately 10 minutes or until they are golden brown and fragrant. Stir almonds several times with a spatula. Cook almonds until they are golden brown and fragrant. (Be careful not to burn them by checking on them often).

Remove the Almonds from the oven, and spoon them onto another baking sheet. If you do not have the baking sheet, you can use a plate or paper towel.

Place them in a glass container or sealed plastic. Before pouring into an airtight container, cool them completely. (storing warm roasted almonds increase the risk of molding and can create excess moisture.

That is it. Enjoy the roasted almonds as a snack or use them as yogurt toppings or salad.

Method 2: Roasting Almonds on a Stove Top

Combine almonds, olive oil, and sea salt in a large mixing bowl. Shake these ingredients vigorously until they evenly coated with oil and salt.

  • You can use sesame oil, avocado oil or herb-infused oil.
  • Also, use water or lemon juice.
  • Use a resealable plastic bag for mixing to coat the almonds.

Heat a frying pan or cast-iron skillet on a stove over medium-high heat. Place almonds into heated skillet and cook them for 5 minutes.

Roast the Almonds until they are golden-brown colour. Stir almonds several times with a spatula, so they do not stick to the bottom of the skillet.

Spread them in a single layer on the baking sheet, let them cool completely. They need to be cooled before pouring into an airtight container.

  • Do not trap moisture in the container
  • You can use a parchment paper sheet.

That is it. Enjoy the roasted almonds as a snack or use them as yogurt toppings or salad.

How long do these roasted almonds last?

They should last a few months if they are appropriately stored in a sealed container.

Should the skin be removed from roasted almonds?

I have never seen the skin removed from roasted almonds, though I am sure it could be done. Generally, though, the skin is excellent and is left on the roasted nuts.

How long do I need to roast raw almonds for them to be crunchy?

You can extend the time to 20 minutes. Make sure you do not leave them in for much longer to prevent burning them.

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Blanched Almonds


Do you have whole almonds in your pantry? Hard to find blanched almonds to make your almond milk or almond flour recipes?

If your answer yes, we share a quick and efficient way to blanch almonds (the process of removing their papery brown skins). This blanching almond is a simple task. You do not need to pull the skin off each almond, but it is so easy and nothing complicated about it once you prepare them properly.

Removing the skin turns the almonds a smooth texture. Blanched almond is perfect to use throughout the year to make almond flour, almond butter, or marzipan. It is also used in making (amaretti) Italian almond-flavor biscuits.

Buying the skinless almonds may cost-effective than blanching your own. It takes only a few minutes, and You can quickly blanch a bunch of almonds using the two methods described below.

What do you need to blanch almonds?


Ist thing you need raw and plain Almonds, that are unsalted and not roasted.


They need water to be boiled and cold water to submerged and rinsed to stop cooking process.


It would be best if you had strainer, medium pot or saucepan and clean tea towels.

Are you ready? Let us begin!

1 Fill a medium pot or saucepan with water, and bring it to boil.

Blanched almonds
boil water for blanch almonds

2 Once the water comes to a boil, Place your raw almonds and let them sit in there for 1-2 minutes.

( No more, no less Do not boil for any longer than this time, your almonds will begin to soften)

place almond in boil water
boil almonds in pan

Step 3:

Remove pot or saucepan from the stove and drain the almonds in a strainer or colander. Rinse them with cold tap water and start peeling off immediately. Gently squeeze each almond to remove its skin.

remove pot
strain with cold water
Peel off or gently squeeze each almonds Blanched almonds

Step 4:

To do so, scatter blanched almonds on a tea towel and let them dry for 4-6 hours or even overnight.

scattered blanched almonds

Now the almonds are blanched and ready to use in your recipe!

blanched Almonds

What are the Uses of Blanched Almonds?

You can use blanched almonds is this Braised Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms and Almond Puree dish. Toast the blanched almonds to enhance the flavor of, e.g. a chicken, celery and mayo salad).

What is the best way to store blanched almonds?

If stored in a tightly sealed container, blanched almonds will last for a couple of months in the refrigerator.

Can I freeze blanched almonds?

Yes, once they are perfectly dry, they can be kept frozen for up to one year.

Does boiling them for one minute affect the nutrient benefit of the almond? Removing the skin which contains Tannin which reduces nutrient absorption, also removes some of the fiber content, however.

Blanched Almonds

Cuisine: American


Preparation time


Cooking time



Dairy-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo



Ready In



Recipe for Blanched Almonds, It is quicker and efficient than ever! No fancy equipment, no complicated procedures. Some raw almonds, a pot of boiling water and less than 5 minutes.


  • Saucepan or medium pot

  • 2 cups water (cold tap water is fine)

  • 1 cup raw almonds (not roasted or salted)


  • Fill a medium pot or saucepan with water, and bring it to boil.
  • When the water comes to a boil, Place raw almonds and let them sit in there for 1-2 minutes.
    ( No more, no less Do not boil for any longer than this time, your almonds will begin to soften)
  • Remove pot or saucepan from the stove and drain the almonds in a strainer or colander.
  • Rinse the almonds with cold tap water and start peeling off immediately. Gently squeeze each almond to remove its skin.
  • To do so, scatter blanched almonds on a tea towel and let them dry for 4-6 hours or even overnight.
  • So your almonds are completely blanched and ready to use in your recipe!
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Almond Milk

Almond milk

When it comes to nut milk, I am myself a fan of my homemade almond milk recipe. Almond milk is natural and made with dairy-free milk and water. Homemade almond milk healthier taste better than store-bought almond milk ( no chemicals, gums or nasty ingredients).

Learn how to make almond milk at home! All you need are almond, milk, water and blender. How easy it is to make and see how good it tastes you probably will not be able to go back to a store brand. That is it!

Which almonds are the best for Homemade Almond Milk?

To make the perfect almond milk, you need organic, raw almonds. Nevertheless, keep in mind that salted and roasted almonds have been roasted in oil. We recommend an exorbitant amount of salt in your milk and against unnecessary oil.

How long you need to Soak Almonds for Almond Milk?

We recommend soaking almonds overnight or up to 2 days in cold water, but you can soak almonds for 2-3 hours in boiling water. This soaking is an essential step as it breaks down the enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid and cultures beneficial enzymes in the almonds. The longer the almonds soak, the creamier the almond milk.

How to make Almond Milk?


1 Soaking

Place the almonds in a glass bowl and cover entirely with about an inch water. Remember the almonds will plump as they absorb some water as they soak. Let them covered with a cloth overnight. Now Drain the almonds and rinse them thoroughly under fresh running water.

Soaking Almond milk Soaking Almond milk Soaking Almond milk Drain Almond milk rinse Almond milk

2 Blending

Add the almonds and water to a high-powered blender or food processor. The food processor or blender fitted with the blades attachment.

blender almond

Blend almonds and 3 cups water to a low-speed blender for 10- 20 seconds.

add water to almonds

Blend at the highest speed for 2 minutes and Pulse the blender a few times to break up the almonds, to make smooth and creamy.

Blend almonds Blend almonds

3 Straining

Strain mixture into a large bowl or large measuring cup through a nut-milk bag or cheesecloth.

straining almond milk straining almond milk

Then pour the almond milk into an air-tight storage container or pitcher and store in the refrigerator for up to four days.

Almond milk

How long will Homemade Almond Milk last?

Homemade almond milk only lasts a few days in the refrigerator, though its best fresh as the process of blending and straining may take a few minutes. It is easy to make when needed make smaller amount so make a smaller amount.

Can you do anything with the leftover almond pulp?

Place the leftover almond meal (also known as almond meal) on a baking sheet or tray at 200 F until completely dry(2 to 3 hours). It can be added to smoothies, oatmeal, and used as a topping on yogurt other homemade granola and baking recipe.


Almond Milk



Preparation time




Total time



Simple homemade almond milk with two simple ingredients. This stuff is delicious, creamy and easy to make it. Almond milk helthier alternative to cow milk and soya milk. Learn how to make almond milk.


  • 1 cup raw almonds (soak at least 12 hours in water)

  • 4 cups filtered water

  • 1 pinch sea salt

  • 1 or more than 1 tablespoon agave nector for taste


  • Place your soaked almonds in a bowl, Pour in water to cover.
  • Blend almonds and 3 cups water to a low-speed blenderand for 10- 20 seconds.
  • Now Blend almonds and water to a high-speed blenderand to blend for 2 minutes smooth and creamy.
  • Pour this mixture through a nut bag or cheesecloth into a bowl. or lay a thin dish towel over bowl and pour over the almond milk.
  • Then extract all liquid mixture with squeezing.
  • Save pulp for another use as you want or discard.
  • Clean the blender and add milk to it.
  • Add salt and agave nector and blend until mix it.